Disaster Employee Retention Tax Credit

federal income tax credit for 59 eligible 2018-2020 natural disasters in 28 state

The Disaster Employee Retention Tax Credit is a federal income tax credit designed to encourage employers to retain affected employees after any of the 59 eligible 2018-2020 natural disasters in 28 states and territories across the US.

This credit is worth up to $2,400 per qualified employee and offsets your business’s federal income tax liability.

Eligible businesses qualify for continuing to pay their employees during the time-frame that the business was impacted by the disaster.

The credit allows qualified wages paid up to 150 days after the end of the disaster incident date.

Eligible Businesses are those with a principal address or worksite location in one of the affected disaster counties, impacted adversely by the disaster, and retained employees during the impact period.

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Restaurant with 5 Locations
Affected 11 DAYS
Damage Categories: Revenue, Deliveries
Operational Interruption, Structural Damage

$74,000 CREDIT

It’s not too late to recover this credit for your business.

Disaster Credits can be filed for up to three years from their last tax filing.

A 15-minute call can qualify your business for lucrative credits.

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