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OnCentive simplifies the process of identifying and qualifying for business incentives and tax credits.

You take on absolutely zero risk by working with us, we do all the paperwork and you get all of the credit. If we don't find any credits, you pay nothing.

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OnCentive fees are 100% success based


$2 billion found & $0 returned to the IRS 


100 years of combined tax experience  

Billions of Dollars in Tax, Hiring and Incentive Credits Go Unclaimed Each Year

In order to take advantage of the incentive and recovery programs your business qualifies for, you need a trusted partner with the expertise and knowledge required to align your unique business needs to the most lucrative recovery tax credits and hiring incentives available to you.

Keeping up to date with ever-changing, complex government programs is a full time job! This leaves many well-deserving business owners on the outside looking in, missing out on tens of millions of dollars in potential incentives your business would qualify for without ever knowing about them in the first place.

Don’t Leave the Money Your Business is Entitled to Unclaimed in the Hands of the Government.
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OnCentive Has Captured More than $2 BILLION in Credits & Incentives with $0 Returned to the IRS

Too often, those companies which benefit the most from government programs are the largest corporations which need it the least! Why? Simply because they have the resources, personnel, and expertise to do so.

We are passionate about putting money back in the hands of the small businesses that drive our economy.

We believe every business owner ought to receive 100% of the financial incentives they’re entitled to without having to focus a moment of their valuable time studying and researching the intricacies of each program.

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How It Works

1. Schedule Time With Us

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2. Get Matched With Credits

OnCentive experts run the necessary calculations and get you matched with the maximum credits your business qualifies for.

3. Get Your Money Back

OnCentives processes, calculates, and files for your credits and you receive the benefit, which oftentimes results in cash refund. 

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CASE STUDIES: Covid Employee Retention Tax Credit

Doctors Office
  • Doctors office closed by executive order 

  • Elective medical procedures delayed

  • Reopened with restrictions

  • 49 Employees

Oncentive Secured Over
Refundable (Cash) Credit
  • Restaurant closed to on-premises dining by Executive Order

  • Limited indoor capacity, social distancing requirements, & only 8 per table.

  • 32 Employees

Oncentive Secured Over
Refundable (Cash) Credit

OnCentive has secured more than

$2 Billion

in tax credits and businesses incentives for qualified businesses.

Entertainment Venue
  • Nonessential business under shutdown order

  • 80 employees

Oncentive Secured Over
Refundable (Cash) Credit
Grocery Store
  • Essential business under 25% max occupancy mandate

  • 50 employees

Oncentive Secured Over
Refundable (Cash) Credit

Is Your Business Leaving Money On The Table?

Here are some of the credits our clients are qualifying for:

Covid Tax Credit
Covid Employee Retention Tax Credit

2020 and 2021 payroll tax credit designed to reward employers that retained their employees during disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn More
WOTC Tax Credit
Work Opportunity Tax Credit

WOTC is a federal incentive program that encourages employers to hire employees from targeted groups.

Learn More
R&D Tax Credit
R&D Tax Credit

The Research & Development Tax Credit is a tax incentive offered to companies who create or improve a product or process in the course of their business.

Learn More
Disaster Tax Credit
Disaster Employee Retention Tax Credit

Federal income tax credit for 59 eligible 2018-2020 natural disasters in 28 states.

Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my business eligible for the Employee Retention Credit?

Any employer, regardless of size, is eligible for the credit during calendar year 2020 and the first three quarters of 2021 if the business: (1) is fully or partially suspended due to a governmental order related to COVID-19, or (2) experiences a significant decline in gross receipts (i.e., a reduction of 50% of gross receipts in 2020 from the same quarter in 2019, or a reduction of 20% of gross receipts in 2021 from the same quarter in 2019). The credit also applies to tax-exempt organizations if the operation of the organization is fully or partially suspended due to the circumstances described in (1) above. The credit generally does not apply to governmental employers, including the U.S. Government, state and local governments, or any agency of the foregoing. However, it does allow for government-owned businesses that are related to healthcare or universities/colleges to claim the credit.

Does the Employee Retention Credit only apply to small businesses?

Eligible employers who are considered small (500 or fewer full-time employees in 2021 or 100 of fewer full-time employees in 2020) may apply all qualified employee wages/benefits to credit calculation.

Is my business eligible for the Employee Retention Credit if I took PPP?

Yes. First introduced by the CARES Act in March 2020, the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was expanded to PPP borrowers when the Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed into law in December 2020. Even if you took the first and/or second rounds of PPP, your business may be eligible for the ERC. However, you cannot claim the ERC against wages funded by the PPP loan. That is where working with an expert like OnCentive can help coordinate and maximize your benefits.

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Don't Worry, We've Got You Covered

OnCentive simplifies the process of identifying and qualifying for business incentives and tax credits, maximizing your business’s profitability, and putting your hard earned money back in your hands so you can use it to grow your business.

OnCentive’s leadership's 100 years of combined tax experience, coupled with our risk-free model, is why thousands of hard-working business owners trust OnCentive experts to recover more than $2 billion in tax, hiring, and other business incentives.

Maximize Credit Yield

Our profitability is tied with yours. We work off 100% success fees which means we are motivated to find the maximum credits your business can qualify for.

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Comprehensive Reporting

You will be provided with a Comprehensive Report, explaining the credit your company received, the calculations for what was determined, and the proof for the money you get back.

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Contested Credit Protection

In the unlikely event that your credit is ever contested, the OnCentive team will defend our work and will fully refund any credits that are disallowed.

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Trusted Credit Experience

Our leadership has over 100 years of combined tax experience. With $2 billion in incentives captured and $0 returned to the IRS, you are in good hands with OnCentive.

What OnCentive Clients Are Saying:

5 Stars

"OnCentive was able to work with our firm to process and calculate for our clients in a timely and accurate manner. We couldn’t be happier with the service provided and 85 years of experience, we know our clients are in good hands.”

Roger Boatner, Boatner & Pugh, LLC

5 Stars

"OnCentive has delivered millions of dollars in credits to our clients. We had them take a look at our business and they found over $100k in cash refunds for our company. Their staff treats every one of our clients like they are their own and our clients and ecstatic we made the introduction."  

Tawny DeBolt, Neon HCM

5 Stars

"OnCentive has exceeded our expectations. We were skeptical on whether or not these programs would work for us but they absolutely made us believers. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to increase its profitability.”

Cliff Morgan, CFO Concrete Guys

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OnCentive Partners with Hire Heroes USA, Commits to Annual Giving Initiative

OnCentive is proud to partner with veteran nonprofit Hire Heroes USA and commit to an ongoing donation equal to 1% of annual profits generated from OnCentive clients claiming the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. To learn more about Hire Heroes USA and our partnership, click here.


"This rebrand is more than a new logo and a new website.
It represents our organizational shift that is aligned with our corporate goals and values. This updated brand and our new giving initiatives illustrate our commitment to making meaningful impact in our clients' businesses, the lives of our employees, and the communities in which we serve."

Shannon Scott

OnCentive CEO

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