Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott


Shannon Scott is the Chief Executive Officer of OnCentive. He is a reputable serial entrepreneur, investor, and profitability consultant who possesses the fundamental skills and passion necessary to drive new levels of business success.  Shannon is considered one of the premier experts in the tax credit industry with over 20 years’ experience and consults the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committee’s on business incentive and tax credit programs.


Growing up in Birmingham Alabama, Shannon had an instilled entrepreneurial mindset, powerhouse energy, and a strong work ethic, all of which became the catalyst for him to tap into business development early on. After establishing his first company at age 19, Shannon quickly fell in love with the process and became motivated to develop more. To date, Shannon has built and sold over ten endorsed businesses, four of which received the INC 500 award, and is well known for consulting some of the fastest-growing companies within the United States.

Developing his services on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, and trust, Shannon has a genuine passion for helping small businesses expand by delivering actionable insight and full-scope support that positions them to excel. Furthermore, he aims to empower his clients with in-depth information and influential guidance that enables them to pave the way for exceptional bottom-line growth, elevated brand awareness, and niche profitability. Overall, Shannon takes pride in leveraging his expertise to help others reach untapped success and doing so while ensuring the small business community he supports has excellent accelerated constructive growth and developmental experiences along the way.


When he is not working or self-developing, you can often find Shannon traveling, coaching soccer, being a proud father to 5 kids, and performing as a volunteer board member for several local companies.

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