CPAs & Accountants Trust OnCentive

to expand their service offerings, add additional revenue streams, and protect their client base

CPA firms partner with OnCentive to expand their service offerings, add additional revenue streams, and protect their client base from larger competitors.

An OnCentive partnership generates recurring revenue streams that will improve the financial performance of your clients while adding value to your offering with a return on investment that will make your services an easy "YES" for new prospects and give you a strategic advantage that differentiates your firm from others. We value our partnerships which is why OnCentive offers the most competitive partner commissions in the industry.

Our tax credit service maintains the client contract relationship, thereby shielding the CPA from a contingency fee-based relationship. Additionally, if your CPA firm routinely provides tax credit services, those services can be carved out of the Partnership Agreement with OnCentive.

Benefits to CPA Firm
  • Client retention

  • Cost justification

  • Generate additional revenue

  • Protection against predatory marketing

Benefits to CPA Client
  • Decrease tax payments

  • Increase cash flow

  • High ROI service

  • Fees are paid only if benefits are earned

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In the past, we were approached by clients about processing these credits and incentives. As this is not a core competency of our firm, it would have taken a large bandwidth for our team to research and process these credits. OnCentive was able to work with our firm to process and calculate for our clients in a timely and accurate manner.
We couldn’t be happier with the service provided and 85 years of experience, we know our clients are in good hands.

Roger Boatner, CPA

Your Clients Are Safe With Us

Comprehensive Reporting

Your clients will be provided with a Comprehensive Report, explaining the credit your company received, the calculations for what was determined and the proof for the money you get back.

Contested Credit Protection

In the unlikely event that your credit is ever contested, the OnCentive team will defend our work and will fully refund any credits that are disallowed.

100 Combined Years of Incentive Experience

Our leadership has over 100 years of combined tax experience. With 1.5 billion in incentives captured and $0 returned to the IRS, you are in good hands with OnCentive.

How It Works

OnCentive Partner Process

1. Schedule an Introduction Call

Meet with the OnCentive team to discuss and plan what a partnership could like for your business.

2. Sign Partner Agreement

Sign a partner agreement and learn how to integrate incentives into your business, submit leads, and collect referral payments

3. Launch OnCentive Program

Launch your OnCentive partnership to add an additional revenue stream, protect your client base and expand your offering.

“A partnership with OnCentive allows you to bring your consultative service to the next level. Our seamless integration allows you to bring clear ROI to clients while simultaneously increasing your own bottom line. Expand your suite of offerings and build customers that trust you for a lifetime, not just a transaction. That’s our commitment to you.”

Find out what an OnCentive Partnership can do for you.

Schedule an introductory phone call with OnCentive’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Marianne Moorman,
Director of Strategic Partnerships

"This rebrand is more than a new logo and a new website.
It represents our organizational shift that is aligned with our corporate goals and values. This updated brand and our new giving initiatives illustrate our commitment to making meaningful impact in our clients' businesses, the lives of our employees, and the communities in which we serve."

Shannon Scott

OnCentive CEO