Recognizing OnCentive's Heroes: Meet Sara Morgan

OnCentive is incredibly grateful for the military service personnel, and their families, who serve and protect our nation. The expertise and skillset that veterans bring  is an invaluable asset to all employers, including OnCentive.

OnCentive is proud to employ veterans and active-duty service members. For Military Appreciation Month, we wanted to introduce you to the heroes who served our country and now help OnCentive customers on their journey to increase profitability.

Meet Sara Morgan:

Sara has been serving for over 12 years as an Information Technology Specialist in the Army Reserves. At OnCentive, Sara works as an Incentive Calculations Specialist. We asked Sara to share some of her experience in the military:

What skills did you learn in the military that you use in your career today?

To work as a team, work more efficiently, and have a better attention to detail.

How has the transition from the military to civilian life been for you?

After any training it takes a few days to get out of the military mindset and back toa more relaxed and balanced mindset. Over the years, this transitional period has helped me build a strong foundation of resiliency and flexibility.

How do you think your time in the military has affected you?

The Army has helped with my personal growth, having a deeper understanding of respect, and to manage stress. Honestly, it is hard to put into words how much the military has affected me.

Did you make any connections/ friendships with anyone that you still keep in contact with?

Absolutely! I have met some of the best people throughout my time serving. The people I have met have become a second family to me.

Is there anything you wish civilians understood about the military? Any misconceptions that civilians have about the military?

Not every training is physical. Many training events are in a classroom environment. You don’t salute everyone! Saluting is reserved for the officer ranks in an outdoor setting. There are a few exceptions for saluting indoors. Ex: A promotion formation that is being held indoors; the person being promoted must salute the officer promoting them.  

What do you think about OnCentive’s partnership with Hire Heroes USA?

I think it is amazing! Many veterans struggle adjusting to civilian life. Going from a very structured life to having the ability to make all their own life decisions and have control over where they work can be very intimidating, especially if the veteran has served from a young age. Hire Heroes USA makes the transition a positive one!

Brittany Smith
Content Strategist

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