Recognizing OnCentive’s Heroes: Meet Jess Spivey

OnCentive is incredibly grateful for the military service personnel, and their families, who serve and protect our nation. The expertise and skillset that veterans bring  is an invaluable asset to all employers, including OnCentive.

OnCentive is proud to employ veterans and active-duty service members. For Military Appreciation Month, we wanted to introduce you to the heroes who served our country and now help OnCentive customers on their journey to increase profitability.

Meet Jess Spivey:

Jess served as a Specialist in the Army National Guard for five years. At OnCentive, Jess works as the Director of Payroll/HR, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Officer Manager. We asked Jess to share some of her experience in the military:

What skills did you learn in the military that you use in your career today?

Communication, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution, Integrity, Organization, Dedication

How has the transition from the military to civilian life been for you?

It was a little hard coming back from basic & AIT training and having to readjust to being home. I still wake up early every morning and eat my meals fast like my Drill Sgt is screaming at my neck.  

How do you think your time in the military affected you?

It helped me grow as a person. It taught me to always try my hardest even if that means failing on the first try. It also taught me how to have a respectable work ethic in my civilian work career.

Is there anything you wish civilians understood about the military? Any misconceptions that civilians have about the military?

It is a lot different from the civilian world. Basic & AIT alone was a lot harder when I went through compared to how it is nowadays. It takes a lot of strength to get through the training programs that the military makes you complete.

What do you think about OnCentive’s partnership with Hire Heroes USA?

I love that the company I work for is giving back to such an honorable organization that helps current military members & veterans with the help that they deserve.

Brittany Smith
Content Strategist

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